Poker: It's Not All Pure Luck

While luck is a big part of poker, there are specific ways to increase your luck. Most importantly, you need to gain experience in poker, and with that experience comes specific skills that will serve you throughout all the poker games you play. By understanding the role of luck in poker, you can determine the best ways to increase your poker game.

Bankroll Management

One of the best skills a poker player can gain is learning how to properly manage their bankroll. While many players recommend that you have a bankroll worth 300 times the largest bet in the specific game you are playing, you will develop your own preferences as you play. However, having a nice bankroll and learning to manage it correctly can increase your luck in poker.


Poker requires a lot of discipline if you are going to play it properly. Getting too emotional is a huge mistake because it prevents you from being able to think clearly and make decisions based upon that knowledge, and you may find yourself making decisions based upon frustration or anger. Learning self-discipline is essential if you plan on playing poker often. Again, this is something that comes with experience.

How to Gain Experience

If you want to gain this experience and develop these skills but you do not want to spend a fortune on poker games, play free poker. Alternatively, you can play low-limit poker and still have the option of winning money without spending a fortune. Plenty of online venues offer free poker, but you should be sure to play your 'credits' as you would your own cash in order to really hone your skills.

Overall, while poker is very much a game of luck, there are certain strategies, skills and knowledge that will help increase your luck and increase your overall game performance.